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Sexual Addiction Checklist For Men

It's easy to dismiss and deny that we have a problem. Sometimes we are so far down, we can't see the forest through the trees. Our intent with providing this checklist is for you to have a simple method for considering the extent of the problem. The key for using this checklist is to be completely honest with your answers. No one is grading you and no one will know except you and God. It will be easy to rationalize that you've only done a couple of these things and the time was spread apart. The fact that you are reading this probably means you've experienced some degree of sexual addiction recently. On the other extreme, don't lose hope if you find yourself checking a number of these. God is working right now to help you find a path to healing.

Check each of the following that apply to you.

⇔ Have you purchased or rented pornography magazines or videos, or paid for telephone sex?

⇔ Are you preoccupied with sexual thoughts?

⇔ Have you viewed adult movies on cable TV at home or in hotel rooms when traveling?

⇔ Have you been involved with pornography or sexual/romantic chat rooms on the Internet?

⇔ Do you "channel surf" on TV looking for visual sexual stimuli?

⇔ Do you often stare at women in public and fantasize sexually about them?

⇔ If married, have you had an emotional or physical affair with someone other than your wife?

⇔ Have you been accused of flirtatious behavior by your wife or significant other?

⇔ Do you regularly use pornography or sexual fantasizing about women other than your wife as an aid to masturbation?

⇔ Have you had sex with a prostitute or visited a massage parlor for a sexual massage?

⇔ Have you visited a strip club or "peep show"?

⇔ Have you ever been involved in voyeuristic (i.e. "peeping Tom") behaviors?

⇔ Has your sexual activity put you at risk of disease, arrest, or loss of marriage or job?

⇔ Have you felt guilty or depressed following your sexual activity?

⇔ Have you tried to stop your sexual activity but could not?

⇔ Do you try to avoid social engagements, or seek to leave them early in order to have more time for your sexual activity?

⇔ Have your sexual behaviors taken time and energy away from your marriage and family?

⇔ Have you sought to keep your sexual activity hidden from family, friends, or coworkers?

⇔ Have you lied to your wife or close friends about your sexual activity?

⇔ Do you regularly violate your own moral standards in carrying out your sexual behaviors?

⇔ Has your sexual activity created estrangement in your relationship with God?



1-4 'yes' answers indicates you may have a problem and should take it to a trusted friend or pastor at once.

More than four 'yes' answers indicate you may be involved in a destructive pattern of behavior with serious life consequences. You should seek help immediately from a Christian counselor or consider a Christ-centered recovery ministry like Prodigals International Homecoming that specializes in sexual addiction recovery. See the article Recovery From Internet Pornography for more helpful tips.


Things you can do:

Find a group near you (The groups meet under the guidance of a trained leader who has gone through the recovery process himself.)

Read FAQs

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