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But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:57


25 years ago a preacher came to me in jail and said God told me to tell you 3 things.

1. He hates what you've done;

2. He's gonna powerfully deal with you and       it will be the hardest thing you've ever             done

3. If you allow Him to work in your life, He         will use you in the future. He turned and       left.


I found my father's porn when I was 8 years old and instead of it becoming a childish curiosity it quickly became a relentless obsession that progressively increased through 33 years of childhood, teen years, young adult, husband, fatherhood culminating into disaster.  What started as slight porn escalated through time to mild sexual touching, brazenly touching, obsessive masturbation, sexual dating, fornication, one night stands, prostitutes, multiple affairs to sexual abuse.  Though I deserved to have a millstone tied around my neck and thrown into the deepest sea God chose to strongly deal with me bringing me through each level of His healing, supported by strong men of God.  It indeed was the hardest thing I've ever done as God was relentless in His purpose for my life.


Currently with almost 25 years of sobriety and health, God has brought me from slavery wreaking horrible havoc on all around me, especially my loved ones; to servant of God sharing, ministering, loving and caring to multitudes in the community and inside prisons.  God used the powerful tool of recovery to facilitate His will and purpose.  Life has never been so exciting and fulfilling.  Jer.29:11  



Thank you Prodigals for restoring my hope for freedom from bondage.





I am 29 years old, married since 2011, and have been sober since May of 2016.


My sex addiction was a major part of my life from an early age, but evolved to a point in my early-mid 20s where I was in a constant cycle of affairs, visits with prostitutes, and regular binges of porn.

I hated my life, and felt I had no choice anymore - I was simply destined to continually cheat on my wife every way imaginable. It was all that I knew, because it was all that I taught myself.


At age 26, I finally got serious about doing something to change. I became a mentee in Prodigals, and submitted to the program. When I graduated I was a different man than the one who entered the program. I had hope. My life didn’t have to be a nightmare of deceit, abuse, and pain. I didn’t have to be a cheating spouse. I didn’t have to live in regret and self-loathing.


God gave me a way out of the pit.



Prodigals has helped save my life, marriage, family, and to establish close, deep Christ-centered relationships.

Allowing God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and MEN to speak deeply into my life has been one of the most profound effects in my life.  Surrendering to God’s Will, usually different than mine, has allowed deep spiritual impact upon life and ministry.  The spiritual depth and insights learned have been invaluable in dealing with sexual integrity and many life issues, some nearly overwhelming such as cancer, family struggles, lack of trust, pride and fear.

Many times my vision has been blinded and I’ve sought help from God and my Prodigals brothers to see behind the walls I’ve built.


I praise God for Prodigals and encourage you to allow God to speak into your life.


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