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It's easy to dismiss and deny that we have a problem. Sometimes we are so far down, we can't see the forest through the trees. Our intent with providing this checklist is for you to have a simple method for considering the extent of the problem. The key for using this checklist is to be completely honest with your answers. No one is grading you and no one will know except you and God. It will be easy to rationalize that you've only done a couple of these things and the time was spread apart. The fact that you are reading this probably means you've experienced some degree of sexual addiction recently. On the other extreme, don't lose hope if you find yourself checking a number of these. God is working right now to help you find a path to healing.

We provide both a general Sexual Addiction checklist and this Internet Sex Addiction checklist because there are many men who believe the issue is not a big deal if it's limited to just the Internet. The fact is, most Sexual Addicts are first exposed to pornography on the Internet.

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