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Internet Sex Addiction Checklist

We provide both a general Sexual Addiction checklist and this Internet Sex Addiction checklist because there are many men who believe the issue is not a big deal if it's limited to just the Internet. The fact is, most Sexual Addicts are first exposed to pornography on the Internet.

Check each of the following that apply to you.

⇔ Do you regularly spend time looking for sexual stimulation on the Internet (pornography, sexual/romantic chat rooms, etc.)?

⇔ Have you tried to stop your involvement with Internet pornography, but have been unable?

⇔ Does your involvement with Internet sex interfere with your physical well-being (e.g. being tired from staying up late viewing Internet pornography)?

⇔ Have you masturbated while watching Internet pornography or immediately afterwards?

⇔ Do you hide your involvement with cybersex from your spouse or others close to you?

⇔ Are you preoccupied during the day with sexual fantasizing based on images or experiences you've had on the Internet?

⇔ Do you try to avoid social engagements, or try to leave such engagements early in order to spend more time involved in Internet sex?

⇔ Have you logged on to Internet sex sites from your computer at work?

⇔ Have you felt shame or depression following involvement with cybersex?

⇔ Do you feel estrangement in your relationship with God because of your involvement with Internet pornography?

⇔ Are you less involved with your spouse or close friends because of your involvement with cybersex?

⇔ Have you lied to your spouse or others about your use of Internet pornography?

⇔ Have your family or friends complained about the amount of time you spend online?

⇔ Do you frequently become angry and irritable when asked by family or friends to decrease your involvement with the Internet?


'Yes' on 1-3 questions indicates you may have a problem and should immediately talk with a trusted friend or pastor about this area of your life.

More than 3 positive answers is an indication of a serious problem. You should immediately seek the help of a Christian counselor or consider a Christ-centered recovery ministry like Prodigals International Homecoming that specializing in sexual addiction recovery. See the article Recovery From Internet Pornography for more helpful tips.

Things you can do:

Find a group near you (The groups meet under the guidance of a trained leader who has gone through the recovery process himself.)

Read FAQs

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