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About Prodigals of Alaska

Since its beginning, Prodigals’ has helped and supported hundreds of men achieve freedom from the bonds of sexual addiction throughout Alaska. Through its tested and proven Christ-centered 12-Step sexual addiction recovery support groups, Prodigals has been on the forefront of leading men to healing, restoration, and sexual wholeness. The unique key to the success of Prodigals support groups is building leaders and the training and empowerment of LEADER-MENTORS. Equipped MENTORS, who have successfully completed the recovery journey, reach out and support men just beginning their recovery. This intense one-on-one interaction creates the personal connection and accountability needed for long-term restoration and healing.


Partners in Process, the Prodigals program for the spouses of sex addicts, provides a unique 12-Step recovery process that supports women in their own healing from the affect of their husband’s sexual addiction. Partners in Process parallels the Homecoming program and its support groups provide a practical place for renewal, empathy, and encouragement.


Prodigals International has been endorsed by the following individuals:

“Anyone interested in starting and sustaining a recovery support group can’t afford to miss out on The Prodigals Homecoming sexual addiction recovery program. It gives leaders the practical tools they need to lead men to healing and wholeness.”

Dr. Les Parrott, Ph.D., Co-founder of and co-author of Love Talk

“In over ten years of counseling hundreds of Christian leaders from all across the country who have struggled with sexual sin, I can tell you that this secret plague within the Church can no longer be ignored. I am encouraged to see Prodigals International, as a biblically based ministry, step forward and offer the Body of Christ the much needed training in sexual addiction ministry.”

Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg, Director of Stone Gate Resources and author of False Intimacy

“People everywhere wonder about the next move of God among men. I can tell you right now what it will be: sexual integrity. God is calling men unto purity at this time like no other—and we’ve never lived in more tempting times! Thank God for Prodigals International, which is showing men and their families how to win the war against sexual addiction and, ultimately, bringing healing to churches throughout America.”

Robert Andrescik, Editor of New Man Magazine

“Prodigals is a great pioneer ministry for the sexually addicted and their wives. I personally send anyone within 100 miles to attend their groups. I have had great results seeing the broken hearted restored to what God would want them to be.”

Dr. Douglas Weiss, PhD., Founder of Heart to Heart Counseling Center and author of The Final Freedom

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